To be a Love
Inspired Community

by Mangala Anshumati

Hridaya Inspired Projects


Bringing spiritual inspiration into everyday life, we aspire to embody AHIMSA (Artistic Harmlessness in Mind, Speech and Action) in our work with each other and the world.

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Karma Yoga



Yoga–from yuj meaning to unite, join or connect.

Karma Yoga is the spiritual path of union with the Higher Self, brought about by performing selfless actions or service dedicated to God and humanity.

“In Karma Yoga, every action is performed to relinquish self-interest and to honour the One Spirit through service to all. You remember to be conscious in every moment, in the midst of ordinary life and under all circumstances. As you practice serving others freely without expectation, or desire for reward, your exaggerated sense of self-importance is washed away to reveal your innate humility.”

~ Mangala Anshumati


Karma Yogis

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The ACE Approach


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The ACE Approach (Awareness and Consciousness Education) is a holistic program that nurtures self-awareness, problem solving and relationship skills through Yoga, Meditation and Arts-Based Activities. Taught by certified teachers, The ACE Approach offers participants concentrated time to be creative, forge positive relationships and explore practical ways to become happier and more peaceful.

Stepmothering: A Spiritual Journey

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Jasjit Sangha has been a student of Yogini Mangala Anshumati for almost a decade. Her doctoral work “Stepmothering: A Spiritual Journey”, is an exploration of the spiritual growth and personal transformation she underwent while being a student of Mangala Anshumati and discovering Hridaya Yoga. Using memoir, narrative, photography and poetry, Jasjit takes the reader on her journey as the mother and stepmother of four children in a bi-racial stepfamily. This inspiring story is a groundbreaking work of spirituality in academia, containing several quotes from Mangala Anshumati. It also demonstrates Mangala Anshumati’s basic teachings that spirituality can be lived during a normal, practical, householder’s life in the world.

Our Satsang ~ Community Stores

Geologic Gallery | Boutique


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Our mission is to creatively display our unique collection of high-quality mineral specimens, authentic fossils, spiritual items, local-artist jewellery and fine art to generate an oasis of wonder which evokes appreciation for nature’s design. We hope to uplift spirits and share our love of the earth while providing beautiful, natural, ancient treasures for people who wish to adorn themselves or their home, garden, office, and sacred space with a Gift from the Earth.

Gifts from the Earth


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Daily Bread Food Bank Logo

Daily Bread Food Bank

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Support our Local Food Bank


We are collecting food donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank. If you would like to support our year-round Food Drive, please drop off non-perishable food items to our Satsanga stores, Geologic (346 Queen St. West) or Gifts from the Earth (320 Danforth Avenue), or at any Hridaya Yoga event


Suggested donations can include:

baby food and formula,

various canned goods,

lentils, beans and rice

tomato sauce,

dried pasta.

Hridaya Inspired Art

by Satish Narayana

Satish Narayana


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Our vision for Community is one of wholesome people who are passionately living from the Spiritual Self, honouring the spirituality in others and individually/collectively offering this gift of service to the world.

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